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#TeamKind debuts #Kindfest2020, and returns 2021

May 18 2021

With countless deaths and the world on lockdown, the light at the end of 2020 once seemed far and dim. Wanting to inspire hope, #TeamKind founder Susie Hills created #Kindfest2020, an online international festival curated for spreading kindness to others and to yourself. 

#TeamKind is an online international community that highlights, promotes and celebrates kindness. Hills and her team sought to create an inclusive, digital space where those around the world can learn, celebrate and promote empathy and humanity, thus, #Kindfest2020 was born.

“The one thing that connects us all — whatever our religion is or our politics are  — we all, as human beings, want to be kind,” Hills said. “It’s written in our DNA. It’s who we are as a species.”

#Kindfest launched Nov. 13, 2020 — on World Kindness Day. 6000 tickets were sold, 38 countries were represented and over 150 speakers attended, making #Kindfest2020 a success.

The festival was divided into five themes, or “tents,” each discussing how kindness affects different areas in life, from work, to home, to the lives of children, to self-kindness and care - even kindness in politics. 

Speakers also ranged from professors to doctors, to even musical appearances from artists like Frank Turner and political folk musician Billy Bragg. 

And to ensure viewers got their money’s worth, ticket holders had access to Kindfest’s content for a month after its original air date.

“I think it showed that people are hungry to do things that have a positive impact, and they want our societies to be kinder,” Hills said about the whole experience, from #Kindfest’s early stages to its remarkable debut.

“It [2020] shone a light and made us realize the disadvantages and division in our society,” Hills continued. “We’ve seen the poverty that exists, the discrimination that exists — the intolerance. And we’ve all kind of woken up and said, ‘You know what? We don’t actually want our society to be like this. And it doesn’t need to be.’” 

All profits made from #Kindfest2020 were donated to charity partners The Blurt FoundationThe Captain Tom Foundation, and  YoungMinds.

#Kindfest2021 is already in the works for this November.

For more information on #Kindfest2021 or #TeamKind, visit www.TeamKind.org.uk.