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Q. What is the PIFOR Initiative?

We filed The PIFOR Corporation as a for-profit company to show how profitable companies can transparently give a percentage of profits back to charitable causes. We created the PIFOR Initiative as the vehicle to give proceeds back from our company towards these various causes. For every fee that we charge - whether it is our limited ad space, our merchandise, or other revenue - a percentage will be dedicated to the PIFOR Initiative. We want to keep this Initiative transparent to our community so we created our own Initiative page on the site. We will post its tally so all of our members will see it grow and will see how a profitable company can give transparently to various causes. 

Q. How can I showcase my Organization on the Newsfeed section?

First, you should create a membership page for your Organization. Then, email us at admin@pifor.net so we are aware of the new page and can assist in promoting it. All Organizations will be reviewed by the PIFOR leadership team who will decide which will be showcased. Please send as much information as possible describing your Organization and please include a picture so it can be displayed on the tile.

Q. What defines a User?

A user is any person who has registered on the pifor.net site. Users should create their own individual membership pages. Users can also set up an account that represents their organization and post its social media content.

Q. What defines a Cause?

A cause is defined as charity, group, or organization that a user is involved with and promoting. Users should create individual cause pages so other users/members can learn about the individual cause's mission.

Q. How can my random acts of kindness (RAK) post be featured on the news feed?

All user posts are listed as "public" which means the post will automatically be included in the main news feed. Users have the option of their post being "private" so only their friends can see the post. To do so, under post, click "privacy" and then "friends."

Q. What do I do if I did not receive the email to activate my email address?

After you have checked your spam folder and still have not received the activation email, you should email the support team at admin@pifor.net to resolve the issue.

Q. Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we respect your privacy and pifor.net is GDPR compliant. For more information regarding privacy, please visit our privacy policies page. 

Q. I am having difficulty uploading my profile pictures. How do I save them?

After you upload your photos, make sure to click the camera icon in order to save them.

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