Who is Pifor : Pifor

Welcome to PIFOR

We are glad you are here and we hope to inspire you and encourage others to give without expectation. This site is about supporting humanity - being selfless instead of selfish. We believe that social media can be a useful tool if done correctly. A place where people can view the good being done in the world via stories, videos and words. A place that is protected and transparent to its members and community via stringent privacy policies.

We created this company to provide a venue for you - to inspire each other to give more to one another. We believe that this is the type of social media we should be engaging in – to enrich people’s lives, educate our children, build better communities, and pay it forward to humanity.

We set the bar high - we filed as a profitable company to show the world that we should do more to give back. That is why we created the PIFOR Initiative. Our world has become very divisive and we no longer see the human kindness stories that inspire us to do more. We are confident that the social media shared by our global community will inspire everyone to give more to others at all levels.

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